Common Decorating Mistakes That You Should Know Before

Decorating is all about the things you do; the colors you pick, the furniture you love, and the accents you choose to finish your space off with that perfect look that you’ve been waiting for. Decorating is also about the things that you don’t do (or more commonly that you do and then undo). An editorial eye is one that’s always looking for things that can go, either because they don’t fit or because it’s just too much of a good thing.

Exercise your editorial eye for long enough and you’ll find yourself running into the same missteps over and over, and not just in your work but in just about every room you walk into. That’s a good thing, because knowing what not to do can be just as useful (sometimes more) as having a firm grasp on what you should do.

And just in case your eye isn’t quite as practiced just yet, here’s a few things to look for the next time you take stock of your decor. And you’ll be surprised how often you see them, even is professionally designed rooms.

Things To Avoid In Your Home Decor

  • Using an area rug that is too small. Postage stamp-size rugs are one of the most common decorating mistakes. All of the furniture should be sitting on the rug. If this simply isn’t possible, the front legs of larger pieces can be on the rug with the back two needn’t be. All four legs of smaller pieces should be on the rug.


  • Choosing the paint color first. Paint is available in thousands of colors and can easily be changed. Choose your most expensive pieces first then decorate around them.


  • Hanging chandeliers too high. You want to light up the room, not the ceiling.


  • Hanging artwork too high. People have a tendency to hang art closer to the ceiling than it should be. Artwork should be hung at about eye-level. Obviously this varies from person to person, so use your judgment. But it’s better to err on the side of lower rather than higher.