Home Interiors Guides

Whether you’re decorating a single room or a whole house, a cottage or a castle, you’ll find our guides to decorating styles helpful. The style guides will help you focus in on your likes and dislikes and learn elements that will help you achieve your dream room or make your home express your very unique taste.

With so many products on the market, buyers traveling around the globe, and shoppers expecting more for their homes, consumers have an infinite array of products, finishes, colors, decorative elements, and prices available. The sky’s the limit and there’s really no reason for anyone to be stuck with a home decorating scheme that doesn’t capture their own unique style and interests.

If you haven’t yet identified your particular style or if you’re uncertain about how to proceed, you’ll learn a lot from the articles and style guides listed here.

Take a look at traditional styles and see some of the newest decorating trends. You’ll find that nothing is really new, but it’s fun to see how old favorite themes, fabrics, and details adapt to a fresh new look.

The following Style Guides offer information on one design style. See photos and read tips that focus on the elements and design features that give each style an individual and very distinctive look.

Find the style that will help to give your home yourdistinctive look.

Start With the Basics…

  • Casual Style
  • Formal Style
  • Contemporary Style
  • Traditional

Influences From Around the World…

  • French Country Style
  • Tuscan Style
  • Swedish Style
  • Paris Apartment Style

Choose Your Favorite Colors…

  • Black and White
  • Chocolate Browns
  • Floral Themes
  • Denim Blues
  • Red, White, and Blue

Express Your Unique Style…

  • Rustic Style
  • Shabby Chic
  • Tropical Chic
  • Western Style